New Range Rover Sport Deployable Side Steps

Availability: Available to order
Deployable side steps kit includes all the below
Deployable Side Steps Hardware RH VPLWP0192
Deployable Side Steps Hardware LH VPLWP0191
Deployable Side Steps ECU VPLWP0177
Side Steps - DSS - Fender Cladding Kit VPLWP0173
Deployable Side Steps Install Kit (5 Seat) VPLWP0178
Deployable Side Steps Install Kit (5+2 Seat) VPLWP0179
- These smart, practical steps provide easy access to the vehicle cabin & roof.
- Neatly stowed under the sills, automatic deployment/stowage in 1.5 seconds with door opening/closing, or auto mode can be overridden when using key fob.
- Sensitive to obstructions and will not deploy in off-road or low range settings.
- Feature a stainless steel finish with laser etched Range Rover branding.
- Full system includes steps, switch pack, ECU, harness, front fender claddings and all required hardware.
- Front Fender Cladding not required if fitted with Front Mudflaps - DSS.